Sandeep Kaur (Principal)

As the head of our humble and hard working team, I take this opportunity to pledge ourselves to uphold the enviable legacy of our school and by the Grace of God Almighty and the support of our stake holders, tirelessly serve Dashmesh Heritage Public school in its journey to the highest levels of achievement.

In simpler words, it is our most passionate desire, that the children of our school, lead simpler, happier and more constructive lives and on the solid foundation of their schooling, are able to lead healthy, productive and fulfilling lives!

The school prepares the child academically and helps him to grow socially, emotionally. It guides them towards independent thinking and problem solving. Students are encouraged to display good moral values, emotional values and good choices that will result in successful outcomes.

The school expects participation of students, staff and families for its continued success.

Parents must cooperate with the school by reinforcing school expectations at home. With parental help every child feels respected, valued, and encouraged and challenged to achieve at the highest levels.